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いちごうまいはlost Ninomiya fanです

The lost Ninomiya fan

Another Arashi fan with her Arashi journal.

This journal is all about Arashi (and maybe other stuff related).

But mainly the Arashi part.

In a way, is boring.

Unless you like Arashi too.

Then perhaps it wouldn't be so bad ;)

After going through a certain period of time, I think I found THE favourite.

I heart/adore Kazunari.
(well I can't actually love the guy. I mean we haven't met. Yet.)

And to show I AM A NINO fan, I finally created a mini website :) Go check it out!

This profile remains unchanged since the first time I edited it, back in 2006. Same goes for my ichiban. Unchanged since then.

★ I'm not really adding people as my LJ is public most of the time. But I don't mind if you add me. Though I would like you to know what you're getting yourself into, and not randomly adding me :)

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